Dog Grooming Services

Look at our Grooming Services we offer for residents of Blackpool, Wyre and the Fylde areas. We look after your dog as if it was our own.

Standard Complete Dog Grooming Service

This includes the following...

  • Bathing in hydrobath
  • Blow dry (hand finish)
  • Ears plucked
  • Clipper cut
  • Hand scissor cut and shaped
  • Nail Clipping
  • Perfume finish

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Wash and Dry

This includes the following

  • Bathing in the hydrobath
  • Blow dry (hand finished)
  • Perfume finish
  • Nail Clipping

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Nail Clipping

If the visit is just to have your dog’s nails clipped this will be a charge of £10.

All prices here are dependent on breed and size. Please note that there will be an additional charge of £5 if the dog is matted due to extra care and time taken to detangle.

* Puppies first bath from £17

Full Dog Grooming

This includes Wash & Dry, clip/scissor, ears cleaned / plucked & nails clipping.

  • Toy Breeds from £22
  • Small Breeds from £27
  • Medium Breeds from £30
  • Large Breeds from £37
  • Extra Large Breeds from £47+

Wash, Dry & Nail Prices

This is the pricing for the standard wash, dry and nail clipping.

  • Toy Breeds £12
  • Small Breeds from £17
  • Medium Breeds from £22
  • Large Breeds from £27
  • Extra Large Breeds from £32

Hydro Bath

We use a hydro bath to wash the dogs. Using only the finest shampoos to suit your dog’s coat and skin conditions if necessary. The hydro bath gives therapeutic benefits as it massages the dog and allows the shampoos and other solutions to penetrate right to the skin helping with any skin conditions. The massage benefits of the hydro bath can help with ailments such as tired muscles, arthritis and poor blood circulation.

If you are in any doubt please don't hesitate to give us a call and we can offer further advice on our services.